archives on Black women

Archives on Black Women – A List of Collections

I’ve come to learn the importance of archives while working as a graduate student for the African American Digital Humanities Initiative (AADHUM). Our work has centered around how digital tools and data can represent the longevity, diversity, and uniqueness of the African Diaspora. As always, I focus on Black women and their work so I decided to compile a list of resources on Black women. You can find Black women in many types of collections, but typically archival work in the academy marginalizes people of color. That said, a focus on archives that explicitly focus on Black women turns up short. Deborah Gray White has a great resource for Black women’s archives titled “Mining the Forgotten.”

Black Women’s Archives

Black women also exist across the world. So the list will need more representation of non-U.S. women as it grows. Some of these archives are fully accessible online, while others require gaining access through a university or government institution. I strongly advise you to reach out anyway, and then consider making some of your work digitally available to a wider audience.

If you’d like to add a resource, send me a message on the Contact Me page, and I’ll update the page. Please share this resource widely, and subscribe to the blog to stay up to date. If you’re looking for bibliographies on Black women, check out this list.

Thank you to Aprille McKay & Brett Lougheed & Leah Bouas for their submissions.