Mission Statement

The vision for Blackfeminisms.com is to serve as first and foremost as an outlet for the cultivation of scholarship that centers on Black women. 
As part of this mission, Blackfeminisms.com includes the Black Feminist Digest, a series that summarizes research about Black women. These summaries provide a gateway into understanding the lives of Black women.

Blackfeminisms.com is contemporary scholar-activism. The blog incorporates multimedia to provide educational material about Black women and Black women’s feminism.

Blackfeminisms.com is a space that uplifts Black women in a world where Black women and other women of color are marginalized. It joins a number of blogs and social media pages managed by Black women who use digital technology to support, improve, and guide the lives of Black women.

Blackfeminisms.com seeks to be an inclusive space, recognizing the diversity of Black womanhood in geographic region, religious identity, sexual orientation, etc. The diversity of Black womanhood should be recognized and celebrated and Blackfeminisms.com does just that.