6 TV Shows Featuring Black Women to Watch in 2018

Last year I blogged about five TV shows about Black women to watch in 2017 and this remains one of my most popular blog posts. Luckily, 2018 television is also filled with content that features Black women in lead roles. Check out the list below. Grown-ish This Black-ish spinoff follows Zoey Johnson, played by Yara… Continue reading 6 TV Shows Featuring Black Women to Watch in 2018

Reading Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon as Sociological Text

Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison tells the multigenerational story of the Dead family. While known for her work giving voice to Black women on the pages of Sula and Beloved, Song of Solomon introduces to us as a lineage of men, all named Macon Dead.

Blues Women and the Great Migration

Pioneer of Black feminismHazel Carby published “Policing Black Women’s Bodies in an Urban Context” in 1992. In the article, Carby document the effects of the Great Migration on Black women. The Great Migration refers to the movement of Black Americans northward in the twentieth century that ushered in social, cultural, and political changes in the… Continue reading Blues Women and the Great Migration

The Breakfast Club as A Lesson on Social Exchange Theory

Social exchange theory, according to Mulford et al. (1998:1565), refers to: >exchange theory sees social action as an ongoing interchange between rational individuals who decide what to do based on the relative costs and benefits of the alternatives with which they are confronted. The narrative in the Breakfast Club offers examples not only of exchange in dyads,… Continue reading The Breakfast Club as A Lesson on Social Exchange Theory

Zombies: Black Women of the Genre – Roberta Warren of Z Nation

My issue with zombies is that once a zombie touches you, that’s damn near it. If you get bit, it’s over for you. Ain’t no coming back from a zombie bite, bih. So why does Z Nation grab me when other shows couldn’t? First, I appreciate the humor that accompanies this particular zombie narrative. Second, I love that the leading lady of the narrative is a Black woman, played by Kelita Smith, probably best known as the wife in the Bernie Mac Show.

Beloved by Toni Morrison – Womxn of Color Reading Challenge

Beloved by Toni Morrison often gets celebrated as one of the greatest American novels ever written

5 TV Shows About Black Women to Watch in 2017

The Golden Globes airs tonight and tv shows starring Black women are on my mind. Here’s a list of the tv shows I enjoyed in 2016 and hope to see more of in 2017.

Poetry by Black Women from Across the World

For the poetry of Black women embodies the erotic power Audre Lorde discusses in her essay “Uses of Erotic.” While I am most inspired by Audre Lorde’s prose, her poetry represents the emancipatory power of Black womens words

Black Feminism in Sula by Toni Morrison

There isn’t a book that Toni Morrison has written that has not caused me to sit and reflect on the diversity of Black women’s experience. I recommend any book in the catalogue of the first Black woman to win a Nobel Prize in literature. My interest in Toni Morrison’s work began with the Blueest Eye.… Continue reading Black Feminism in Sula by Toni Morrison