BlackFeministLit – 30 Days of Black Feminism

What is #BlackFeministLit?

BlackFeministLit is the online portion of the University of Maryland’s Black Feminist Thoughts series. Building on interest generated from academics and students across North America, CRI social media coordinator Melissa Brown has developed an online course with the partnership of CRI coordinator Wendy Marie Laybourn#BlackFeministLit begins November 1, 2016 and will continue until November 30, 2016. Each day, the CRI will update their website and social media pages with a new topic on Black feminism. Updates provide a link to additional resources including (but not limited to) academic articles, documentaries, music videos, and online art galleries.


BlackFeministLit is a 30 Day Online Course on Black Feminism. BlackFeministLit uses a series of videos, blogs, and academic articles to provide a concise understanding of Black Feminism for those who are unfamiliar with the field.  Each week has a new theme.

  • Week 1: Black feminist foundations
  • Week 2: Black feminist activism
  • Week 3: Black feminist art
  • Week 4: Black feminist futures

You can use the hashtag on Twitter or Facebook to find more. Bookmark this page and click the image in order to check out BlackFeministLit that day.