#SayHerName Bibliography

Apollo Rydzik, a graduate student in sociology at Stanford University, created this bibliography for graduate students, and Ph.D. scholars conducting literature reviews of police violence against Black women, LGBTQ people, and the #SayHerName campaign. This bibliography presents citations, abstracts, and keywords for scholarship written between 2015 and 2020. It includes articles, books, and essays, on these topics and spans several disciplines. Specifically, this bibliography contains citations from scholars in sociology, political science, law, African American and ethnic studies, education, communication/media studies, criminology, digital technology/internet studies, feminist and gender studies, and history.    

Broadly, the literature in this bibliography cover three key points: 

(1) The unique ways Black women and LGBTQ people experience marginalization through police violence

(2) the causes and consequences of the exclusion of Black women and LGBTQ people from the Movement for Black Lives, and

(3) how Black women and LGBTQ people created and use the #SayHerName movement both on and offline to challenge male-oriented narratives about police violence. 

Due to a lack of focus on Black LGBTQ people in research on police violence, this literature review includes studies that do not focus on Black LGBTQ people solely. Additionally, most of the literature below focuses exclusively on cisgender Black women rather than transgender women, centers on people in the U.S., and only one piece addresses the intersection of Blackness and disability.  

Below, the bibliography includes three sections: (1) “Black Women and Police Violence,” (2) “LGBTQ People and Police Violence,” which provides literature that centers Black women and LGBTQ people’s experiences with police violence respectively, and (3) “#SayHerName and Digital Activism,” which covers studies on the creation, growth, and function of the #SayHerName movement both on and offline.

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